Christina Sørensen

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Who am I?

“That brings me to the most important piece of advice that I can give to all of you: if you’ve got a good idea, and it’s a contribution, I want you to go ahead and DO IT. It is much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.”

— Grace Hopper

Hi, my name is Christina. I’m 24 year old, and work as a independent software consultant. Given the nature of that line of work, I found myself with quite a large amount of free time, and so I am studying mathematics.

Besides that, I like to develop software and contribute to free and open source projects. Recently, I have started to contribute to NixOS, and before that, I was mildly active in the Guix community, and even before that Archlinux.

Despite being a technical type, I really enjoy the humanities, philosophy, and psychology as well, and that extends to enjoying art and poetry. I think having a disposition for stuff like that rounds off a programmer.

I am an associate member of the free software foundation. I also am a huge fan of the work of NLnet. My goal is to bring more of these values into my solutions when dealing with clients, althought that’s not always easy.

My biggest shame is that I actually fell in love with a crypto currency, and I hope to develop my cryptographic skills to the point where I can one day contribute to the monero project. My interest is mathematical.


ORCID: 0000-0003-1653-3883

GnuPG: 7B9E E848 D074 AE03 7A0C 651A 8ED4 DEF7 375A 30C8

MONERO (QR code): 8ADaL4CYs8YgtWVNV9R5iyF5VazzyYsYLg5xX575Hy8g1iprys4MvVNbuKPgqVHSjjK4yJFjbjdjXVvpvy8iDBHT8sCFTwy



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